By meeting all their IT support needs Onsite Technologies enables the Facilities Management team at the prestigious Tower 42 building in the heart of London’s financial district, to provide an efficient service to its clients.

Company Background

At more than 600-foot in height, Tower 42 is one of the tallest occupied buildings in the City of London and a distinguished landmark of international recognition, providing superior office accommodation and an impressive range of first-class amenities that are more akin to what you’d normally find in a five-star hotel.

Maintaining the Highest Possible Standards

Ensuring that the occupants of Tower 42 can make full use of this prime London location 24 hours a day is vital. All the building’s systems and facilities – from the lighting and air conditioning, to the security systems and lifts – need to be kept working continuously and flawlessly. Many of the occupants are international businesses and run round-the-clock operations. Around 2,500 people come to work in Tower 42 every day and there are on average around 500 visitors.

Making sure that the needs of all occupants and their guests can be met on a daily basis is the responsibility of the 50-strong facilities management team, which controls and manages all the building’s systems and infrastructure. The team depends on its IT and communications systems to ensure every-day smooth operation at Tower 42 and can’t afford to lose access to them for any sustained period. Most of the clientele in the building operate in financial services; their standards are high and they expect the very best service to be provided at all times.

It is important for the FM team to know that their IT systems are running well and that, if there are ever any problems, that these can be fixed without delay. Having a reliable, professional and responsive provider of IT support is of paramount importance to Tower 42.


Download the full case study

Download the full case study

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