What is Onsite?

Onsite Technologies enable our customers to use their business applications by maintaining and supporting the underlying IT infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach and our ability to deliver functional, cost-effective systems which meet our customer’s needs and budgets. We work as a team, aiming to become a trusted and useful partner our clients can rely on, rather than just becoming another contractor on the books. What are we? A Team, a Partner, a Support Network, a Consultant, a Problem Solver, a Solutions Architect, a Project Driver, a Tech Firm and a Visionary

29 December, 2018
Case Study: St Katharine Docks

By tackling the challenges head on Onsite Technologies have enabled the various teams at St Katharine Docks to have a stable and well connected network to provide an efficient service to its…

29 December, 2018
Case Study: Tower 42

By meeting all their IT support needs Onsite Technologies enables the Facilities Management team at the prestigious Tower 42 building in the heart of London’s financial district, to provide an efficient service…

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